The Law Office and the Partners:

DIVINAGRACIA, SOLIS AND ASSOCIATES LAW OFFICES is a full service law firm with a diversified practice area in Philippine law.  Our office is centrally located in Manila. It was founded in 2010 by Atty. Roberto Divinagracia and Atty. Emmanuel B. Solis III.  Atty. Divinagracia, prior to engaging in private practice, was employed by the National Bureau of Investigation for 11 years.  Atty. Solis, on the other hand immersed himself in corporate and taxation law after passing the bar. Our office may be reached at the following address:


Suite 1108 Ermita Center Bldg., 1350 Roxas Blvd., Ermita, Manila

Tel. No. (632) 554-69-03/Email:

        Practice Area:

The law office is engaged in a variety of practice areas in criminal law, civil law, labor and administrative cases.

         The Blog:

The Lawyer’s Post is the blog site of the Divinagracia, Solis and Associates Law Offices and published  by Atty. Robert Divinagracia, the managing partner.  In this site, we publish digests of cases decided by the Supreme Court of the Philippines.  The cases are randomly selected and are published in no particular order.  As much as possible, we summarized the facts so that even ordinary readers without any legal background can easily understand the facts of the case.  

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