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What You Need To Know About Republic Act 9262 (The Law On Violence Against Women And Children)


What is Republic Act 9262?

  • Are you living in an abusive relationship?
  • How can you protect yourself and your children from an abusive father, or boyfriend, or anyone acting in their behalf?
  • What are your rights under the law if your suffer from physical, economic, sexual and psychological abuse or violence?
  • What help can you expect from the authorities if you suffer under a battered relationship?
If you need answers to this questions, then you need to know Republic Act 9262, the law on violence against women and children, enacted by Congress in 2004.
In the words of the Supreme Court,
“REPUBLIC ACT 9262 is a landmark legislation that defines and criminalizes acts of violence against women and children (VAWC) perpetrated by woman’s intimate partners, i.e. husband, former husband, or any person who has had a sexual or dating relationship, or with whom the woman has a common child. The law provides for protection orders from the barangay and the courts to prevent the commission and further acts of VAWC; and outlines the duties and responsibilities of barangay officials, law enforces, prosecutions and court personnel, social workers, health care providers, and other local officials in responding to complaints of VAWC or other requests.” (Garcia vs. Drilon, G.R. No. 179267, June 25, 2013)
“Republic Act 9262 (R.A. 9262) or the Anti-Violence against Women and their Children Act is a historic step in the Filipino women’s long struggle to be freed from a long-held belief that men are entitled, when displeased or minded, to hit their wives or partners and their children. This law institutionalizes prompt community response to this violent behavior through barangay officials who can command the man to immediately desist from harming his home partner and their children. It also establishes domestic violence as a crime, not only against its victims but against society as well. No longer is domestic violence lightly dismissed as a case of marital dispute that law enforcers ought not to get into.”
As part of our legal education series and to support the website, we are publishing our first e-book, What You Need To Know About Republic Act 9262 (The Law On Violence Against Women), compiled by Atty. Robert Divinagracia. The ebook will discuss the provisions of the law as well as relevant and latest Supreme Court decisions (as of June 2015) interpreting the law. Salient provisions of the ebook are:
  • the constitutionality of the law
  • the acts constituting violence against women
  • relief to victims of violence thru protection orders
  • the rights of victims
  • the duties of government officials
The ebook is a handy guide for lawyers and law students, as well as ordinary persons who wish to be acquainted with the law.   It is also useful for women who bear the brunt of spousal abuse in relationships.  After all, education is also empowerment.  Please take note that the ebook does not claim to be a scholarly article on the causes of violence against women and its causes.  It is a simple legal handbook about the law and the latest Supreme Court decisions.
The ebook format was chosen by the author as it is the most convenient form of delivering content to readers.  The ebook is in PDF format.  Once a buyer clicks the “BUY NOW” button below, a window will pop up giving him the option to enter his credit card details or Paypal payment.  Please take note that we do not store credit card details.  Because we use Paypal, the world’s number one standard in online purchases, your credit card details are safe.  It also allows for dispute resolution of the billings as well as refunds.  Please support our endeavor.
 Take note also that even if you do not have a Paypal account, you may still purchase the ebook thru credit card at the Paypal website where you will be redirected if you decide to purchase the digital product by clicking this link  or the buy button below:
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  For those who are technically challenged, does not have a credit card, or a Paypal account,  but still wish to BUY the product, please call or text our office secretary, Ms. Evangeline Mauricio at 09373744829, from Monday to Friday at office hours, or email for deposit and purchase instructions. Once you buy the digital product, an email will be sent to you containing the download link of the ebook.  We will appreciate if you will respect the copyright of the author by not sharing it for free to your friends and acquaintance.  The ebook is also PDF stamped so whoever makes unauthorised distribution can be detected.  A friendly reminder: You must have an email address to receive the ebook.  You will not receive a physical book, but a digital product.   Thanks for continually supporting us and watch out for more ebooks and digital products along the way!   And one more thing.   We shall continuously update the ebook as the Supreme Court issues decision pertinent to the law.  Buyers of the ebook need not worry: they will be automatically given updates of the ebook for free since their email addresses will be included in a mailing list for the purpose.   9262 ebook cover
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